You’re never too old and it’s never too late to change your life. To start doing things you never did before, and work towards getting results different from what you are getting right now. Yes, it can be a challenge, and there will be obstacles and barriers to face along the way, there always are; but if you can commit to making the change, I believe anything is possible.

I want you to succeed. I want you to not only appreciate knowing what you are actually capable of doing, I want you to start achieving those things as well. After all, knowledge isn’t power, it’s potential power. It is of no value unless you put it to use. It’s like a piece of gym equipment. You may know what it does, you may know how to use it, but until you actually get on it and start physically using it – it will do nothing to help you reach your fitness goal. But let’s say you know what it does, and you know how to use it, but you don’t have a “plan” once you start using it, what do you think your chance of success is? As most people who make New Years resolutions will tell you – not very likely.

That’s where SMART, FREE & 1 Degree comes in when it comes to goal planning and progression. This isn’t just about a guideline to create a goal (SMART), it is also about setting up the environment to succeed (FREE) and the process to execute it (1 DEGREE). Let’s take a look at each.

Now the SMART process is a great way to make sure goals you are considering are focused enough to be successful. Think of it as the assembly directions for a rowing machine. As a quick review, SMART stands for:

· SPECIFIC: What piece goes where

· MEASURABLE: You can track your progress

· ACTIONABLE: You are given steps to follow

· REALISTIC: The steps are ones almost anyone would be able to accomplish

· TIMELY: Putting together the machine will take an hour or so, not 3 years

SMART makes sure that your goal is well thought out and specific enough to have a chance at success.

But then what?

No matter the preparation you put into your goal, if you do not set up the right environment to achieve it, no matter your efforts, you will fall short if not outright fail. I don’t think that’s what your looking for, and yet that is the frustration many of us find. I know for me, one of the most frustrating things I come across in the coaching field is a “process” that is rolled out as formula for success, you learn it, don’t get the results promised, and then, suddenly, a “secret” is revealed. The “reason” why the formula didn’t work – the 1 thing that was ironically left out, the missing link, the step they “forgot” to mention. It may be marketing, it may be a “technique” and part of a larger plan, but for me, I find it lacks integrity. If it were an honest omission, I understand that, but many times, it is part of the plan – boo to you! Okay, off my soap box and back to goals.

The next part of goal setting is to get FREE. You used SMART to define your goal, FREE will set the environment and focus.

· FOUNDATION: What results are you getting right now – just the facts, no critiquing!

· RELEASE: Let the past go, learn the lessons, but leave the lecture hall. Your past does not equal your future, so stop letting it hold you back

· ENVISION: Use all your senses to picture what it will look like when you achieve your goal – get your emotions involved. Motivation will go just so far, when you’re emotionally involved, that will help get you past the obstacles.

· EXECUTE: What did I say about knowledge and power? Without action or execution, all the preparation is useless.

So, now you have a goal and you have set the environment and are ready to execute. What now?

It’s time to EXECUTE! This is where many step back away from their goals (and eventual dreams). The step you feel you have to take first is just too big and this is where mindset comes in. Who determines how big your first step needs to be? Your spouse? Family? Friends? Some guru? Me? Well, maybe I would like to be a guide for you, but ultimately YOU decide what, and how big that first step is. Many people make the mistake of believing that if the goal is large then the steps to get there must be equally large. The term people use is MASSIVE change, but I want to clarify that a little. Massive is in the eyes of the beholder. Who is that beholder? Your spouse? Family? Friends? Some guru? Me? Nope! Once again, you are the beholder. What is massive to someone else may not be to you, and vice versa; massive to you may not seem like a big deal to someone else – BUT YOU ARE NOT SOMEONE ELSE!. So let’s get that established and move on to 1 DEGREE.

1 DEGREE is my program which revolves around the concept that to change your results, all you need to do is make small changes, minor course corrections, 1 Degree of Difference from what you are currently doing to start getting different results and get you on the path to achieving your goals. The goal here is to make your steps small enough for you to be reasonably comfortable taking them. The whole purpose it to get you moving towards your goals, to take action, to execute. The beauty of 1 Degree is that, at first you take a small step, but as you take those small steps, you get used to them, and eventually start taking larger steps. You will find that you are making bigger and better goals and achieving them because you have been successful taking the smaller steps.

You set up effective goals (SMART), you created the right environment to pursue them (FREE) and you have the right process to achieve them (1 DEGREE). It’s the TRIAD to TRIUMPH!!! You got this!!!

Jim Goldfuss is an Author, Personal Results Coach, and Professional Speaker, often presenting on topics such as personal development, communication skills, and leadership. His presentations are personal, motivating, and inspiring and encourage everyone to continue growing and challenging their limitations.

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