Limitless Potential

I recently saw a post from someone who was trying to explain that people, particularly kids, should not be encouraged to chase their dreams and believe they can do and be anything they imagine. I have a great deal of respect for this person, still do, and while I understand what I believe he was trying to say, I’m not sure the message was presented in a way that made it clear.

I do believe in the power of dreams and inspiration and consider it quite a powerful force when it comes to progress and ingenuity. If it weren’t for the Wright Brothers believing in a dream; something others believed impossible at the time, we would not have the modern-day airplane to fly us to our favorite vacation destinations or business meetings. The same can be said for the accomplishments of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson, just to name a few.

Progress does not happen within the constraints and limitations of the world we live in, but rather within the vision of the world we dream of. It is not until you question the impossible that it can be transformed to I’m possible.

Does that mean that I encourage a person to dream of being able to physically jump across the Atlantic Ocean? Of course not, but impossibility is a concept that lies in the mind of the beholder. What is impossible to you, is a dream to someone else, and a task on a “to-do” list for another. From losing a brother to suicide and grappling with anxiety and bouts of depression to not only recovering, but going on to be a motivational speaker, author, and coach was something that I would have said was impossible 10 years ago- yet here I am doing just that today.

I have seen far too many things that were deemed impossible become everyday occurrences. How much from the original Star Trek TV show is now commonplace? Think about it, if it weren’t for automatic doors, most of us would have broken noses from walking into them. How about the iPad? GPS? Reusable rockets that land themselves? electric cars? solar powered houses? Cloaking technology that makes people and objects invisible? Cell Phones? I could keep going, but I think the point is made.

Never underestimate the power of a person and their dreams. For most of us, the problems we face, whether it is in business or in our personal life, are not due to external circumstance or resources. It’s from self-created obstacles, a lack of creativity, and the dismissal of dreams. Sticking with the status quo because it is “okay” or comfortable is not success; it’s stagnancy and eventual death. We are all capable of so much more, if we just continually ask ourselves how to make the impossible possible; the ideas that result from that conversation will keep you achieving astonishing results.



Glen Cove, NY, USA

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