From Resolution to Result!

📷The New Year, and all those resolutions many of us set, are well under way now. Most likely we had a lot of motivation and excitement when we made those resolutions, but, as with many things, as time ticks by, that motivation and excitement can wane. I have seen statistics that show that almost 70% of New Years resolutions go unfulfilled by year end, and most of that 70% is forfeited by April.

Now, this is not to say that most resolution makers (myself included) are doomed to failure, but what this is to say is to understand the importance of perspective as you move forward. Now, motivation is important and a great thing to have working for you (empowering you), but motivation is a result of action, not a cause of it. Taking that first, and subsequent steps is the most important thing, and in many cases, it the part of the plan that is most under planned and prepared.

Now, when we come up with the ideas for resolutions, usually they are things that we are lacking or poorly performing at. Weight loss and fitness are probably the two biggest subjects when it comes to resolutions, but financial, relationship, and personal development resolutions are also big contributors. It is very easy when you are falling short in an area, to come up with a goal to reach, but often, we make a goal that is a huge leap from where we are, and underestimate the steps required in between or apply meanings to actions that may not apply.

So, what do I mean by all that? Let’s break some things down.

Break down your resolution into mini-goals; and make them ridiculously easy:

📷If your goal is to lose 40 pounds, make the mini goals increments of 5 pounds. Your first goal is to lose 5 pounds per month, or maybe you go shorter and make it to lose 2 pounds a week. It may sound like semantics but make the goals and timeframe into increments you can easily get your head around and not only believe it is possible, but it is easy for you to envision it and take the action to do it. Losing 1 pound a week is something most people would say, without hesitation, they could do, and yet lose 1 pound a week, and you will be 52 pounds lighter when it comes time for the next set of New Year’s resolutions – look at who overachieved this year!!!

The size of the goal does not necessarily mean the work is equally large:

📷In many cases, people don’t pursue a particular goal because they feel the goal is so large that the steps to get there must be as large and make it less likely to be able to accomplish it. In fact, many times it only takes a small change or course correction; 1 Degree of Difference from what you are currently doing to change your results and start you on your path to achieving goals you set, and even those you never thought possible. Never underestimate the impact making a small change can have.

Size and Intensity live in the mind of the individual only:

📷Frequently, we hear that if you want to achieve a goal you have to take massive action, and while action will trump knowledge any day of the year, “massive” is a subjective term that is specific to the individual taking the action. What is massive for one person may be inconsequential to someone else. Don’t ever feel the need to justify your “massive” by comparing it with others. Only you can determine what “massive” looks like – you are not in competition with someone else or comparing yourself with someone else. If it feels massive to you, then it is massive.

📷Don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you wish to accomplish:

Seek and ye shall find. That is a familiar phrase but many people don’t realize it works to get you negative results as well. If your goal is “I don’t want to be overweight”, the focus in your mind is on the subject of the goal, which is being overweight, not the desire to not be. Goals should be focused on the empowering objective. Specific to weight loss, it should be focused on living a healthy lifestyle or being fitness oriented. Instead of saying you wish to lose 40 pounds, instead say you want to be more fitness conscious. When you do that, you start to assess the things you eat and determine whether they support your goal of being fitness oriented. You’re not “losing” anything, you are supporting a lifestyle – and the weight will start to come off.

📷Have an Accountability Partner:

Having someone to share in your experience (a workout buddy) or just someone who knows what you are looking to achieve and will encourage and keep you on track, will exponentially increase your odds of success, and in many cases, get you well beyond what it was you sought to achieve. Partner up with friends so you can support each other, let family and friends know what you are looking to d so they may encourage, support, and yes, sometimes push you to do what you need to do. Or get a coach who can objectively challenge and support you to be the best version of yourself and accomplish things beyond expectations and that will literally astonish you. There is no reason why you have to, or should, “go it alone”. Most things are better shared, and in the end, the more people you involve, the bigger the celebration when the transformation happens.

Have an outstanding day! Make it so!

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