“What would life be like if we did the things we dream of, knowing we could not fail?”
Jim Goldfuss (yeah, that's me)



Inspire and Motivate


Inspire and Motivate

It's time for the annual company gathering, or maybe you're just putting together an educational or rewards presentation. No matter the event, you want a speaker to come in and inspire the team, perhaps refocus that vision of a compelling future, and tie everything together with the overall theme of your event. My presentations and key notes are designed to inspire and motivate, get the team passionate about what they do and the role they play, and create that compelling future you are looking to not only build but get your team excited about.


I'M THE GUY TO SEE WHEN YOU'RE READY TO BREAK FREE.  But I wasn’t always that guy.

Jim Goldfuss


Speaker + Coach

In fact, I was the one who spent most of my life imprisoned, not by a physical prison, but rather one created in my mind. Living a life full of “no’s and never’s”, of failures and disappointments.

I dealt with anxiety and depression in my younger years and went through 33 years of my life not realizing it; I just thought that was how life was. But after some significant life events, I came to recognize the challenges I was facing.

Those challenges transformed my life into a journey. A journey that has changed my point of views, my results, and my life. I am not the same person I was just a few years ago. I believe in my ability to do the things I never thought I was capable of, and I have done things I never thought possible.

Nothing in life is “coincidence”, things happen for a reason, and it is not what happens, but rather how you choose to respond to it that makes the difference and creates the life you are living.

It wasn't enough to know what I needed  to do or change, I had to learn to take action as well. Knowledge without action is, and will always remain, a dream. My dreams started becoming reality when I learned to take action; 1 Degree of Difference from what I was currently doing was all it took.


Glen Cove, NY, USA

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