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"If We All Did The Things We Are Perfectly Capable Of Doing; We'd Literally Astonish Ourselves" - Thomas Edison


So, what holds you back? What prevents you from doing all the things you are capable of and enjoying the success that awaits you? Many times, the obstacles and challenges are more "perceived" than real, and those "perceptions" make the task at hand seem too large and impossible. Let me show you how to turn impossible into i'm possible, and show you how to create your own pathway to the results and success you are truly capable of. It's an exciting journey!



It's not what you know, but what you do with what you know, that makes the difference.


Getting the results you are looking for is not about what you know, but what you do with what you know, and when you develop habits, perspectives, and patterns of behavior that encourage action, achieving the results you desire become a natural part of the process, rather than just the end result of a "program". The great thing about that; the benefits and results continue long after the session has been completed.

Going Your Way: Your Life, Your Terms, Going Your Way

Imagine being able to do the things you’ve always wanted - How great would that be?​

This book will provide you with the tools, habits, and resources to start changing your life, and will guide you, on your terms, to achieving the results you are looking for; giving you the opportunity to finally know how it feels - when things are going your way.

1-Degree of Difference Free E-book

Just 1-Degree of Difference, can completely change the results you get and the experiences you have. When you are finished with this guide you will: Know how to consistently overcome personal and professional barriers. Have the confidence to consistently step out of your comfort zone. Use key communication skills to improve both your personal and professional relationships. Replace bad habits with new, productive habits that will generate results.


I'M THE GUY TO SEE WHEN YOU'RE READY TO BREAK FREE.  But I wasn’t always that guy.

Jim Goldfuss


Speaker + Coach

In fact, I was the one who spent most of my life imprisoned, not by a physical prison, but rather one created in my mind. Living a life full of “no’s and never’s”, of failures and disappointments.

I dealt with anxiety and depression in my younger years and went through 33 years of my life not realizing it; I just thought that was how life was. But after some significant life events, I came to recognize the challenges I was facing.

Those challenges transformed my life into a journey. A journey that has changed my point of views, my results, and my life. I am not the same person I was just a few years ago. I believe in my ability to do the things I never thought I was capable of, and I have done things I never thought possible.

Nothing in life is “coincidence”, things happen for a reason, and it is not what happens, but rather how you choose to respond to it that makes the difference and creates the life you are living.

It wasn't enough to know what I needed  to do or change, I had to learn to take action as well. Knowledge without action is, and will always remain, a dream. My dreams started becoming reality when I learned to take action; 1 Degree of Difference from what I was currently doing was all it took.

Stacy Marchelos

If anyone is in need of help to change their lives and reach their goals, Jim is a phenomenal coach!  We've worked together for the last 2 years and because of his support and encouragement I've been able to accomplish things I never thought I could.

"INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results"

...and yet many times, we set objectives and goals we wish to attain and fail to change the underlying habits and patterns of behavior that have gotten us to where we are right now. Many times, we are not even aware of those habits; and let's face it, how can you change something you aren't even aware of? 

Whether it is changing your perspective, modifying habits and patterns of behavior, or just accountability to stay on track to achieving the results you want, I will help you reveal the blind spots you may have, as well as create actionable steps to make the changes to get things Going Your Way. Utilizing the 1 Degree of Difference method, we change dreams and desires to achievements and results.


Glen Cove, NY, USA

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