Book Reviews

“Jim bravely gives you a front row seat in the theater that is showing the movie of his life. I believe that just about everyone will identify with something in this book. It definitely gives hope with clear and proven tips on how to get past the pattern of NOT having life your way. AND, he does it in a way that makes you feel that he is a good friend talking to you. Highly recommended for anyone who has struggled with life, but also a book that young people can read to learn how to avoid the pitfalls. Loved that Jim tells us, “There WILL be times along this journey that you will start to question yourself. Be ready for it. This is fear and anxiety. Your urge will be to take a step or two back. FIGHT THIS URGE!”

“This book is a must read for those looking to overcome adversity as well as anyone looking to put their lives into high-gear and reach their full potential. Author Jim Goldfuss immediately connects with the reader and offers an extremely open and heartfelt description of the difficulties he’s faced and the specific tools and technique he used to successfully overcome them. Real world examples, common sense techniques and lots of compassion and support from the author make this a highly recommended personal development book.”
Tony B

“If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or trapped in a life that doesn’t feel right, if you’re struggling and wondering what’s it’s all for, stop what you’re doing and pick up “Going Your Way.” Jim Goldfuss candidly shares his own battle scars as he walks the reader through his process for finding joy and validation after years of doubt and uncertainty. A must read for anyone searching for hope.”
Liz L

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author speaks from life experiences with depression, anxiety and his brother’s suicide. Very realistic with motivational anecdotes. I highly recommend this uplifting book.”
Joseph C

“Honest, thoughtful, insightful yet light-hearted communication of how to go from depression and anxiety to exciting fulfillment in your life and relationships. Worthwhile self-help book that actually offers more – support to plan and execute your goals. Read it in only a few hours but will take away gold nuggets I can use going forward to transform my life. How exciting!”
Kathleen G

“The best part of this book so far and I am only on Chapter 2 is that as I’m reading this book it feels like Jim is reading it to me because I hear his voice through his words. It’s like Jim on surround sound. It’s awesome!👍”
Julia B


Speaking Reviews

“Speaker Jim Goldfuss gave an outstanding talk. I was extremely impressed with how open and honest he was in sharing his personal struggles and hurdles. He then went on to provide very tangible tools and techniques to help everyone overcome various issues that may be holding them back.”
Tony B – President at Go-Mode Success Tracker

“Jim is a volunteer for my organization, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In this role he planned and organized an event for us in November. In addition to handling every detail of the planning, including following up with attendees, ordering food, sound equipment, coordinating volunteers and organizing breakout sessions, he also served as the key note speaker for the event. Jim was polished, professional, sincere and was able to convey the message we wanted the audience to hear. He did an outstanding job on all fronts – I would highly recommend him.”
Ann M. AFSP January 27, 2017

A Five-Star Speaker!
“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Jim Goldfuss speak several time. He is an extremely talented speaker and always impresses me with the connection he makes with the audience, the quality of his delivery and the fantastic subject matter he presents.”
Tony B.

Awesome and Inspirational.
“Jim’s ability to capture the audience’s attention and bring us into his story is magnificent. His messages are heartfelt and inspiring. He leaves us wanting to hear more and engages us to become more than just who we think we are. It’s an enjoyable experience to listen to his encouraging words and take them back with you to revisit again.”
Deb B.

Engaging, Poignant, Entertaining Speaker!
“Jim is an engaging speaker who easily captures and holds the attention of an audience with his warm, down-to-Earth presence, which connects to the listener on a very real level. Unafraid, he shares from his heart, both his pain and his passions, with a rare and uncanny ability to relate personal events, that would normally leave an audience in tears – but retelling in such a way that one feels, instead, inspired by the courage and fortitude he has drawn upon to raise himself out of the darkness and into the light. One travels along beside him on his journey, and is left with a warmth in their Soul; a feeling that no matter what has transpired in the past, it has been left in the past, learned from, and he and the listener have now come full circle, and all is right with the world. ~ J Richards”
Jo Ann R – Defining Imagery

You always have a lot of energy; you are always upbeat; and you always have a point which can help us in our own lives. Sign me up for more!
Judy E – Writer, Editor, Columnist

Jim was an excellent speaker and very inspirational! I thank him for sharing the details of his journey in a really relate-able way.
Erica – attendee at 11/2016 LOA presentation