Why Are You Here?

This inspirational speech looks for the deeper meaning behind your life’s purpose. It is meant to uplift and motivate the audience and encourage them to be their best selves, thereby allowing others to do the same.

First Impressions?

This motivational speech was meant to reflect upon the shortcomings in the communications skills of a generation and to inspire the audience to step up and do what we can to help others in their success

The Power of Paradigms

This features an uplifting speech pointing out the power of paradigms, the glasses with which we view the world, how they impact the quality of our lives, and how to become aware of them so you may change them and thereby change your life.

It’s Only Five Pounds – Stress and Anxiety

This video features an inspirational speech that motivates the audience to let go of fear and the effects it has on all of us, and learn to live in the moment, and look eagerly to the future.

Sounds of Silence

This was one of my favorite speeches at a very special event. Here, the speech discusses Mindful Meditation and the importance in being able to still the mind and just be present. This speech started with a quick breathing exercise which was enjoyed by the audience – Yes! They all stayed awake.