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Hi, my name is Jim Goldfuss and I am a speaker, manager, entrepreneur, husband, father of 2, and just an all-around normal guy who just gets a charge out of helping others become their own best selves. Life is so busy, and at times it is easy to get caught up in it. I like to pull people back, give them a chance to breathe, and to realize that life is a journey, and the journey is the reward.

I’ve had many roles over the past 35 years, starting out as an hourly worker at a local restaurant in Franklin Square, New York, and working my way up to senior management in a large company in New York City. I have been married since 1993 and have two positively awesome children. But my passion, after my family, is helping others make changes that improve their lives. The secret to living is in giving; helping others, and I get such a charge out of helping others achieve their goals and dreams, or even just help them through a difficult period in their life, that it inspires me to just do more, to help more. It’s all about “We” not “Me”.

Before I started speaking, while I worked hard at what I did and had many successes, I also faced many challenges and difficult times as well. I’ve worked through depression and the loss of a brother to suicide, as well as other obstacles, internal and external, that have challenged me, but in the end, have made me stronger and even more passionate about my role in life. Problem was, I didn’t know what my role in life was. I worked hard and was (still am, too) a dedicated employee, but I always felt like something was missing; like I was meant for more.

My wife is a member of Toastmasters, and spent a year trying to convince me to join, and I finally gave in, attending my first meeting in February of 2016. I gave my first speech on fear shortly thereafter (a transcript is on my Speaking page), and afterwards felt as if I had been introduced to a long lost and loved friend. As nervous as I was, I felt like I had just found my purpose and role. To take my journey, and share it with others. To let people know they are not alone, that they have so much more to give, to live, and to be, and to motivate and inspire them to go out and become the very best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

In the end, however, I am just a regular guy with a story to tell. I work hard, and put everything I have into what I do. I have spent so much time making a living that I was missing out on creating a life. I want my life to be exciting, be meaningful, and make a difference, and deep down, I believe you do too.