What's Holding You Back?

If only I had more time….   If only I had more money….   If only I could I stay motivated…

Sound familiar?

I’m Jim Goldfuss, Author and Professional Speaker, and I’ve been there too. I had all of these excuses at the ready whenever I tried to break out of my old patterns. That year I was going to get fit….if only I could stay motivated. That time I needed to take a course to change careers….if only I had more money. That big project at work I keep putting off…if only I had more time.

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Break the Excuse Cycle?

I will show you how to make small changes that will literally transform your life. Small course corrections, just 1-Degree of Difference, can completely change the results you get and the experiences you have.

Learn how to consistently overcome personal and professional barriers. Develop the confidence to consistently step out of your comfort zone. Learn how to replace bad habits with new, productive habits that will generate results. Learn key communication skills to improve both your personal and professional relationships.

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I wrote the book, Going Your Way, to help people recognize where they are stuck with a step-by-step guide to break out of it.

I need a high-energy speaker for my event.

I will leave your audience inspired, high-fiving, and ready to make changes.

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I’m ready to make the changes, but need someone to help me stay on track.

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Speaker Jim Goldfuss gave an outstanding talk. I was extremely impressed with how open and honest he was in sharing his personal struggles and hurdles. He then went on to provide very tangible tools and techniques to help everyone overcome various issues that may be holding them back.

Tony B - President at Go-Mode Success Tracker